LuckyGroup — affiliate marketing ecosystem

Solutions focused on revenue growth and partner comfort

Innovative CPA-network with in-house offers

A direct advertiser that creates not only converting offers for the international market, but also technology to handle traffic from any source and GEO.

Platform for news traffic monetization

The platform helps monetize content traffic through a storefront, providing access to unlimited caps and best terms from direct advertisers in 25+ GEOs around the world.

International Native Advertising platform

The platform helps advertisers find a relevant paying audience on the Internet and promote their brand, and site owners benefit from monetizing their traffic by installing native ad blocks.

Traffic Arbitration Training Center

Educational materials have been developed by CPA practitioners and are useful for both beginners and experienced webmasters.

Media buying agency in the field of affiliate marketing

Operating in the market since 2016. 250+ employees, teams across various traffic sources and verticals in Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 countries

Loyalty program

Drive traffic to in-house offserts or articles and get rewards in the loyalty program. The more you interact with the brand, the more privileges you get.

Annual conference on Internet advertising

More than 2,000 participants attend every conference: gurus and beginners of affiliate marketing, webmasters, advertisers, SEO-specialists, representatives of CPA-networks and authoritative speakers.

Events for LuckyGroup partners

We rethought CPA-parties and created LuckyConnect — an event with a comfortable atmosphere for effective networking.